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Building design project management


I provide you with my personal project management style that is tailor-made for your large or small building projects, from residential to commercial & industrial.

​I recommend starting with a project feasibility study; I will liaise with you to provide a design brief to better understand your building project and to design within your budget. This provides a clear set of parameters for designers to start the conceptual design work.

​​​Once the conceptual drawings are complete, an estimation of the building costs is established with the help of a quantity surveyor. With this information, a cost benefit analysis can be undertaken.

​​Communication between clients, project managers and designers are undertaken with the help of systematic, easy-to-use management software. This gives everyone a platform to coordinate activities, communicate ideas, and manage documentation in real time.

Upon the completion of the working drawings and specifications, a quantity surveyor creates a tendering schedule that includes labour and materials quantities. After the legal contract drafts are approved, the tendering documents are compiled for the contractors to price. By following this process, we level the playing field and stop those so-called excuses of under pricing, buying the job, and over-pricing.

​​Once the project is underway, I can provide you with financial contract management and progress payment administration in conjunction with the Clerk of Work services.

Building Project Management

Site Visit & Consultation (From $120*)

Book an onsite visit to your home or building site so that I can ascertain your project requirements.

Project Management

Building Clerk of Works

I can provide you with on-site construction inspections for any type of building work. I act on your behalf in the role as the Clerk of Works. I work with contractors to ensure the quality and safety of work on a construction site, also making sure the contract, building plans and specifications are being followed correctly. This service is designed to help you meet your contractual obligations and protect your liability.

On completion of the site meetings I report back to you with an unbiased view of progress on-site with concerns and achievements. This is to ensure good quality of workmanship; code compliance and timelines have been satisfied with good progress.

As part of this service, I help with on-site design solutions if problems arise or changes to the building design are requested. I liaise with the owner, designers, contractors, and council where needed. Recording and tracking these changes to timelines and budget costs when asked.

Site Visit & Consultation (From $120*)

Book an onsite visit to your home or building site so that I can ascertain your project requirements.

Quantity Surveying

I supply full quantity surveying services through my network, for residential and commercial customers, ranging from initial feasibility, concept budgets, tender compilation, and reporting. My QS suppliers also provide me with support in contractor tender negotiations, contract preparation and negotiations, budget reporting and management, funder reporting, final account negotiations and much more.

Site Visit & Consultation (From $120*)

Book an onsite visit to your home or building site so that I can ascertain your project requirements.

*All prices exclude GST

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